Spacedesk x SonarPen

SPACEDESK setup Guide

A new BETA version of SPACEDESK has just added SonarPen support. This guide will help you setup SPACEDESK with SonarPen on your Android phone/tablet as a creative pen display for your Windows 10/8 PC

1. Download and install SPACEDESK driver for your Windows 10/8 PC

Download SPACEDESK driver that matches your Windows (Win 8 driver may works with Win 7)

1.5. Install SonarPen Calibrate from Play store

Spacedesk requires calibration configuration from the SonarPen Calibrate app.
(more detail about SonarPen Calibrate app)

how to use SonarPen Calibrate

2. Install spacedesk Android client from Play store

Compatible with Android phone and tablet running OS 4.1 or newer

3. Configure Android client

Launch the app on Android and follow these steps:

Visit on your phone and click on the following button

how to use SonarPen Calibrate
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